06 August 2014

Women in Diamond Business -Chitralekha gujarati magazine હીરા-જ્વેલરીના ઉદ્યોગમાં સ્ત્રી પણ હવે ઝળહળે છે...

Women in Diamond Business
Though the 95 percent of world’s polished diamonds are put to personal use by women, the modern contemporary woman has now transcended all stereotypes about her and is all set to look beyond. Admittedly, equally passionate about diamonds when it comes to wearing them, today’s woman has gone a step further by choosing to make a career out of it. Yes, more and more women are taking to diamond business either by way of entrepreneurship or joining the glittering business as a marketing woman, a technician or a sales girl.
Interestingly, even diamond business is undergoing a sea change. There were times when diamonds were looked upon as elitist symbols, afforded only by the haves. No longer so. Thanks to growing technology and consequent availability of abundant designs, today even middle class homemakers do flaunt it. Devanshu Desai takes a close look at the slow but certain change that is coming over the precious stone business.
The Hollywood actor of yesteryear Mae West had once famously said: I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond. The woman’s love for diamonds could not have been better and more succinctly expressed. While the benefits of diet cannot be underestimated, especially for one who is in show business, it is also an undeniable fact that the importance of diamonds can, if not replace, match that of diets. It would not be an exaggeration to say that woman and diamonds are synonymous.
The story begins by tracing the symbiotic association of diamonds with women ever since the former was first discovered. The relation between them grew more and more intimate, as diamond, instead of remaining confined to the affluent, became accessible to middle class as well. The Gem & Jewellery Promotion Council also facilitates the bonding and growing popularity of diamonds by providing a platform for organizing the International Gem & Jewellery Show.
This is where the author asks a pertinent question: if diamond is believed to be so close to women, how many members of the fair sex are in this business? Agreed, compared to other businesses, there were fewer women in diamond business. There are some jewellery designers who have made it big time, but they are exceptions rather than the rule. But the scenario is now changing, informs the author. It has been noticed that increasingly greater number of women are turning to it.
In the polished diamond jewellery business that is worth roughly 2.5 to 3 lac crores, this business is said to generate employment for 25 to 30 lac people. Admittedly, there would not be more than 1 lac women. But given the fact that the trend (of more women joining the diamond business) has picked up only recently, the number does not look as insignificant as it looked before. In fact, the diamond business has now potential of numerous opportunities for women, the story stresses.
The changing trend is vouched by the largest producer of diamonds in the world. Mavjibhai Patel of Kiran Gems asserts that as against the 25 percent women who worked in his factory against the total work force, the number has substantially risen over the last two decades. According to him, diamond enterprise is set to welcome women entrepreneurs. It is now for women to grab these opportunities.
The author then meets up a few women diamond entrepreneurs who started from the scratch and are now doing considerably well. While Aditi Motla has acquired formal training and is equipped with even the minutest information related to this business, Monica Poddar has already made a name for herself as a maker of Sparkles Brand. She always wanted to bring out something that is affordable and yet attractive to middle class women. Today, her brand occupies a prominent place in this world.
Besides these enterprising women mentioned above, the story is replete with stories of other courageous women who are steadily climbing up the ladder in this field. Though this sector offers the opportunities aplenty, a new entrant has to be very alert about the designs of jewelleries, for it is design that sells first and not jewellery. Also, your credibility and domain knowledge are considered most essential in this sphere.
A must read for all, especially those who want to make a career in this field. More than anything else, this will help them maintain a close proximity to the stone they love most: diamond.
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