30 May 2013


GJTCI is coming up with GUJARAT INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW – GIJS 2013 - 5th B2B Jewellery 
Exhibition - one of the most upcoming dedicated Jewellary show with focus mainly on “Kundan and Diamond Jewellery “organized by Gem & Jewellery 
Trade Council of India.

Exhibition Dates           :      20 – 21 – 22 September, 2013

Venue                         :      YMCA International Center, SG Highway,  
Exhibition Timings       :        10:30 AM to 6:30 PM


·         Exhibitors from Gujarat and outside Gujarat

·         Opportunity to deal with the best jewellery house in the trade

·         Negotiate & make the most cost effective purchase decision

·         Enjoy the  complete privacy to develop the business

·         Witness the latest trends in the trade

Free Entry for Retailers outside Gujarat for attending the exhibition

(Registration is mandatory)

Attached is the Pre-Registration form for GIJS-2013, which can be duly filled and mail on  gjtci.ho@gmail.com

If interested, kindly register well in time for the benefit of yourself and timely delivery of the visitor badge.

For any further assistance / information do feel free to contact us on the following details.

We would like to thank you for your interest and look forward to welcoming you to the Gujarat International Jewellery Show GIJS-2013.

For any queries and clarifications kindly e-mail or contact Mr. Mayurbhai shah on 079-26402573, M: 9909928054.

Gem & Jewellery Trade Council of India

"Gem Place" 3rd Floor Deepkala Building,
Nr. Municipal Market, C. G. Road,
Ahmedabad - 380 009. GUJARAT , INDIA.
Contact: - +91 79 2640 2573
Mob:         + 91 99099 28054
Email:- gjtci.ho@gmail.com
Website:- www.gjtci.org

UBM India Launches Hyderabad Jewellery Fair

HYDERABAD, India: India's leading Gems & Jewellery Fair is going to be back in the city once again in June bringing together the finest jewellers from India and abroad. UBM India, a part of UBM plc, the leading global media business company, announced the 6th edition of its much awaited Hyderabad Jewellery, Pearl and Gem Fair (HJF) 2013.
One of the biggest gems & jewellery B2B exhibition, HJF will be held at Hyderabad's HITEX exhibition centre from 7th to 9th June 2013 and will witness over 125 jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters, diamond and gemstone suppliers and representatives from trade and governmental organisations.

HJF 2013 is a gateway to the Indian jewellery market and provides an excellent platform for buyers and suppliers to connect, network, exchange ideas, discover upcoming trends and generate business opportunities. At the 3-day fair, the exhibitors will present a wide spectrum of merchandise including diamonds, pearls, gemstones, exquisite gold jewellery, latest machinery and equipments used in the manufacturing process and other related product and services.

Speaking at the conference, Ms. Kranti Nagvekar, Group Director, Jewellery Exhibitions Portfolio of UBM India said, "We are extremely delighted to announce the launch of the 2013 edition of the Hyderabad Jewellery, Pearl and Gem Fair. Over the years, we have been tremendously successful in connecting the jewelers and traders by creating the best trading platform for the jewellery industry across the supply chain. I take this opportunity to thank each of the associations and exhibitors for their persistent support and will continue to work in close partnership with them to enhance the results for the ever growing jewellery industry in the country."

source: http://www.smetimes.in/

Allow access to Pakistan's gold jewellery market ?

GANDHINAGAR: India should take steps to ensure a direct access to Pakistan's gold jewellery markets to compensate for its export deficit to European countries. This has been recommended by a Federation of Indian Exports Organizations (FIEO) set up by the Union commerce ministry in its recent report on "Export Competitiveness of Gujarat-Vision 2020".
The report, while dealing with diamond, gems and jewellery sector of Gujarat, states, "As it is in negative list, direct access is not allowed, the precious yellow metal is being routed through third country including Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and other Asian countries. Direct access to Pakistan's jewellery markets will partly compensate the export deficit to European countries which has declined significantly due to ongoing economic crisis in the euro zone region."..
source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

28 May 2013

Why buy gold? gold education

Gold is among the most loved and precious metal in the world. Men and women around the globe are passionate about gold and gold jewellery. They love to wear gold in any form, be it a ring, pendant, chain, earrings, bracelets, watches or accessories. Gold is such a beautiful and versatile metal that goes with any outfit, any color and any occasion. It enhances your personality and adds a charm to your look. It is a fashionable piece as well as a security. Gold forms the ideal choice for gifting as it makes occasions, both religions and others like weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc., momentous and it also makes for a security asset for the receiver. Gold is a valuable metal and it can be a significant investment as its value is increasing with the passage of time. Gold has proven to be very stable over the past 200 years. If you look back through history you would find that one ounce of gold has hardly changed at all. One ounce of gold now still purchases the same, if not more as it did 200 years ago. In the last 10 years alone, gold has appreciated by over 78%. It is likely that this scenario will continue over the years to come. Another significant attribute of gold is that it is a moveable asset and more importantly, it can be liquidated easily around the world. Gold has become the accepted global hard currency. Inflation, recession etc. will continue as more paper money is printed. Yet, the value of the gold will remain the same in terms of its purchasing power for many years to come.
source : malabar gold (http://www.malabargoldanddiamonds.com/hi-IN-5/page/gold-education)

18 May 2013

Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

A piece of jewellery bought once is forever. To keep its beauty, sheen and value eternal here are some essential tips.

Gold and diamond jewellery care
Diamond is the hardest substance known to man. Although diamond is incredibly durable, a strong blow to an edge can still chip it. Never wear your diamond while doing rough work. Gold jewellery comes in various carats but the procedure to clean it remains the same.
- Soap can cause a film to form on gold jewellery, making it appear dull and dingy so remove all gold jewellery before shower or cleaning.
- To clean your jewellery at home, you'll find many commercial cleaners available. You can also use a soft chamois cloth. Ask your jewellers to recommend both of these items for you.
- Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolor your gold and diamond jewellery. Do not wear gold or diamond jewellery while using chlorine bleach, in a pool or in hot tub bath.
- You can remove tarnish by using soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Carefully brush with a soft bristle brush. After brushing, simply rinse with lukewarm water and allow it to dry. Consult with your jeweller for more information.
- Grease can be removed from gold jewellery by dipping the jewellery into plain alcohol. Again, check with your jeweller about colored gemstone.
- Clean your diamonds regularly using a mix of water and mild detergent. Dip the jewellery into the solution and use a soft brush to wipe dust or dirt under the setting.
- Avoid touching your clean diamonds with your fingers. Handle clean jewellery by its edges.

Colored Gemstone Care
There are some general care and cleaning rules that apply to all colored gemstone jewellery.
- After wearing, wipe your precious gemstone jewellery thoroughly with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth. This will enhance the gemstone's luster and ensure that your jewellery is clean before storage.
- Store gemstone pieces individually in soft pouches given by your jeweller.
- Do not expose your precious gemstone pieces to salt water or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or detergents. These chemicals may slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones.
- Hair spray, perfume and perspiration may cause jewellery to become dull. Wear jewellery after applying cosmetics.
- Do not subject gemstone jewellery to sudden temperature changes.
- If you have an active lifestyle takes extra precautions with particular type of gemstone jewellery. For example Emeralds, are brittle and should not be worn while doing household chores or any other activity where the stone could be damaged.

Rings if worn regularly, needs a periodic cleaning to remove the film caused by cosmetics, soap and skin oil. Remove rings before routine household chores and clean rings regularly.

Gold is a soft metal; any contact with another hard substance can make its luster dull. Always store your jewellery safely. Wrap it in soft cloth, so it does not scratch or tangle.

There is no harm in wearing jewellery while having a bath but it leaves your gold dull due to the thin film caused due to ordinary soap and water.

It is advisable to keep your jewellery away from make-ups, moisture perfumes, hair spray etc. After completing the make-up, wash your hands and put on the jewellery.

"Prongs" which holds the diamond in all kind of jewellery are very small in size. Due to this any heavy physical work, which may lead to contact with any hard substance, can make your diamonds or studded gemstone come off, so it is advisable not to wear your jewellery while doing housework as any abrasive object could damage its surface.

Activity that might subject a gemstone to sharp blows such as gardening, working with hand tools, or playing sports may also damage a gemstone. Diamonds are also susceptible to damage from an impact, which might cause them to chip or crack.

Chemicals present in either may cause damage, especially to cultured pearls. Wipe your pearls with a soft clean cloth every time you wear to remove your skin's oils and salts.

Home Jewellery Cleaner
A solution of one part mild detergent and three parts water is also effective for many jewellery cleaning needs. Dry the jewellery with a clean towel. This method of cleaning is especially desirable for precious stones like alexandrite, amethyst, andalusite, aquamarine, citrine, diamond, garnet, iolite, moonstone, ruby, sapphire, spinel, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, and zircon.

Although soap and water is the best choice for most gems and jewellery, do not use soap and water with precious stones like amber, coral, emerald, jade, kunzite, lapis lazuli, opal, pearl, or turquoise. Never use toothpaste to clean your jewellery.

Protect your jewellery when it is not being worn by separating it from other jewellery, using a separate compartment in your jewellery box. Gems and gem quality items if improperly stored can cause damage to each other. Diamonds, for example, may scratch rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. To be on the safe side, be sure that gemstones and other jewellery do not touch each other. Cultured pearls need special care because of their softness. Clean and dry the pearls prior to storing them in a special chamois pouch safe from potential harm.

We recommend that your fine jewellery be examined and cleaned once every 6 months.

08 May 2013