05 July 2014

The Artisan jewellery Design Awards 2014 by THE GEM & JEWELLERY EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL

Recognising and rewarding the best in jewellery design. The Artisan celebrats the highest levels of artistry, innovation and individuality, elevating jewellery designers to their rightful status of artists. The Artisan jewellery Design Awards 2014 invites India's finest jewellery designers to push their design boundaries and reveal their utmost creativity and skill by showcasing world class pieces

The artisan jewellery design awards 2014 theme

Cinema in India, or 'Bollywood' as it is popularly known, is one of the pervading symbols of Indian life and culture. Perhaps no one institution has so much influence on how we think, dress and act.
Isn't it only time we paid an ode to this influential part of our lives through our jewellery? As a multitude of talented designers converge under the realms of this contest, Indian cinema will come alive through exquisitely designed pieces of jewellery. There will be drama, romance, history, song and dance. Gemstones, diamonds and precious metals will all come together to sing a rhapsody that's a fitting tribute to Indian cinema.
The Artisan Jewellery Design Awards 2014 celebrates the magic of Indian Cinema through 4 iconic eras - Monochromatic Magic (black and white era), Golden Glory (golden era), Colorama (masala films era) & The Avant Garde (global era).
This is an opportunity for you to create pieces of jewellery that don't just represent but also celebrate these momentous eras in Indian Cinema.
So, go ahead and let your creative instincts take over and your imagination run wild. Design jewellery that could win you accolades and put you on the road to stardom. Remember August 15, 2014 is the last date to submit your entries.

The Artisan will catapult the winning designers status within the jewellery industry to new heights and bring them to attention to discerning jewellery buyers.

Winners of The Artisan will:

  • Receive a prestigious internship with a leading jewellery house
  • Win a handsome cash prize
  • Get invaluable publicity through media exposure
  • Receive their awards at an exclusive awards event to be held in Mumbai
  • Source: http://theartisanawards.com
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