26 April 2012

Art Karat jewelry

Art Karat jewelry is made in the base metal silver with gold vermeil studded with precious and semi-precious authentic gemstones.
This is not pure gold jewellery but designs are attractive and looks like a gold jewellery with precious stones.

About Art karat group 
The Art Karat group of companies was founded by Kamal and Asha Modi in 1986 with a vision to create an alternate line of jewelry based on silver, with extraordinary designs and exceptional craftsmanship.
The company started as a small boutique in New Delhi, India employing just 2 craftsmen. It has grown rapidly in the last 20 years with more than 500 craftsmen at the company's workshops around India. The jewelry is sold out of exclusive stores in India and 150 exhibitions held annually in more than 70 cities worldwide.
The Art Karat Group has come a long way since 1986, it has expanded its operations across India, UK, Middle East and the USA, its product lines now include apparel for women designed by Ruchika Modi, gold and diamond jewelry by the name of Gold Karat, men's clothing under Art Karat Men and the recently launched media and event production house called Art Karat Entertainment.
The future seems bright and exciting for Art Karat. After successfully spreading its brand presence in the major metros of India through 15 exclusive stores, Art Karat will now open 5 more stores in tier two cities. The group will expand its operations to Canada in 2008 and also introduce its mail order catalog to UK & India this year.
source : company website http://www.artkarat.com/main/default.aspx

Here are some video of art karat jewellery

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