23 April 2014

Getting scientific about adornment

 Adornment has always been perceived as an art, but that notion is challenged today with the arrival of adornologists

Brides in India never had it better, with the amount of thought and pre-planning that go into a modern wedding these days. Contrast to the age-old tradition of decking up the bride in dated jewellery simply based on its sentimental value, the brides of today are embracing an approach that is based on science and sensibility. Yes, you read that right…science.
Adornology is a science that is based on analyzing and understanding a woman's personality and lifestyle and then matching it with the right piece of adornment for her. Some may term adornology as an art, but leading adornologist Varuna D Jani opines otherwise. "Similar to what a fashion stylist does for clothing, an adornologist identifies jewellery that best suits you as per your face structure, your skin tone and personality," explains Jani.
Challenging traditions?
Every woman who desires a new piece of jewellery is often faced with questions like: What looks good? What kind of jewellery would be apt for a certain look or occasion? What suits one's face structure the best? Should you opt for coloured stones, uncut jewelry and what kind of metal should your gems be set in?
Even though we have a variety of design labels to choose from, no jeweler recommends or gives their clients a personalized attention. It is noticed that women often end up buying jewellery without complete information. The decision to purchase jewellery is often driven by what they have seen on other women or heard from them. They get partial or inaccurate facts from their family jewellers and end up compromising on the quality of their purchase as well as the aesthetics. Jani also believes that different women have different needs. Therefore, the choice of jewellery needs to be different based on their individual personalities and face structures. Hence, the need for an adornologist who imparts knowledge and gives personalized recommendations.
A rule of thumb
While every face and personality is different from another, Jani recommends using some thumb rules. "Stones used in jewellery should not only complement the attire but also the skin tone," advises Jani, "A gold polish enhances dusky or dark skin so dusky beauties should keep that in mind. When you adorn jewellery as per your personality, taste and physical traits, you feel beautiful and confident naturally as it enhances your personality. Moreover, your personality never changes, hence buying jewellery as per your personality as opposed to age or trends, will stay with you for life."
On a final note…
The golden rule of jewellery is that it should always be a part of your personality and never overpower it. Also, you don't need to be decked in jewellery from head to toe, even if you are at the altar. Do not follow trends when it comes to very expensive jewellery. Such jewellery is a heritage rather than an indulgence. So invest in an expert who will take away the stress and help you in making the right decisions. Make choices that you would love for life, rather than exchanging, renewing it or passing it on. Remember, you are the showstopper, not your jewellery.
Source:  http://www.dnaindia.com/lifestyle
image :Varuna D Jani
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