21 August 2012

Laxmi Jewellers Ahmedabad at IIJW 2012

Laxmi Jewellers
From colours, stones to Jadau, Kundan and Polki, Laxmi Jewellery Export Pvt. Ltd had everything that a woman can dream of at the India International Jewellery Week 2012.

With the company’s handcrafted expertise being its forte, the show was a riot of colour and style as the exquisite jewellery designs floated down the ramp on the lovely models.

Presenting four different lines the show opened with “The Diamond Collection” which was sheer poetry, as lacy chokers with matching earrings, bangles encrusted with diamonds and pyramid shaped neckpieces with rubies and pearls dangling on the edges created magic on the ramp.

For the “Polki Jadau Range” there were rows of Polkis on gold Raani Haars with graduating pendants and rubies nestled in a bed of Polkis for shimmering necklaces. The high collar choker, the tantalizing chandelier earrings and the ruby, cabochon emeralds in a V shaped sheet of Polkis were something women dream of.

“The Kundan Line” was a dramatic mix of pearls, gold, rubies and emeralds as they danced in a beautiful melody on the necklaces flowing into a large circle of beads, the Raani Haar with ruby inset pendant, the swinging cummerbunds on slim waist and cuffs on elegant wrists.

“The Antique Kundan Jewellery” line had flat fine Kundan collars, which spread to the ends of shoulders, the Cleopatra neckpiece with centre petalled flower, the arrestingly beautiful Maang tikkas and the giant jhumkas with emeralds rubies showed the company’s expertise in design and style.

The finale was reserved for the very majestic “Jadau Polki” set comprising the three strands of Polkis to create a Raani Haar with giant South Sea pearls, the shoulder dusters that grabbed the attention of every woman in the audience, the solid gold carved cuffs and stunning rings were a perfect end to an opulent presentation of jewellery.

The red and gold lehengas, velvet cholis, dupattas and pre-stitched saris made up the enticingly gorgeous collection created by designer, Sushma Patel to match the glory of the ornaments.

When it comes to jewellery that stands the test of time, Laxmi Jewellery Export Pvt Ltd had all the options that will delight the modern fashionista and the bride-to-be.

SOURCE: http://www.iijw.org/day_1_laxmi_jewels
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