25 June 2012

Ansaa Jewellery

Anand Shah 

With no formal training, but a passion for design, Anand Shah founded Ansaa Jewellery, in Mumbai, India, in 1997, with the simple aim of creating exemplary hand-crafted 22 carat gold jewellery. Together with his business partner, K. P Shah, in charge of marketing, Anand Shah broke through established conventions to come up with a new and contemporary style, harnessing traditional Indian craftsmanship, sometimes incorporating oil painting, carved gems, wood; over the years Shah has trained some 225 craftsmen. Ansaa Jewellery has won numerous awards, and is collected by connoisseurs and celebrities in India and around the world. “Gold to me is 'Peace of mind'. As an Artist, the malleability of gold allows me to re-form it into whatever my creativity desires, satisfying my visual dreams, bringing endless possibilities. Peace of Mind. As an Owner, gold has an indisputable value, delivering an immense sense of security and confidence. Peace of mind. Irreplaceable by any other feeling life can offer.”

source: http://www.gold.org/jewellery/about_gold_jewellery/great-designers/archive/anand_shah/

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